i’m roberto velazquez

Multimedia Designer

  • Event trailer
    Trailer for Dutch strongest man -105kg 2013.

  • ZemmbleM Productions
    Identity Duprex CrossFit Equipment

  • Lot2Sifra logo design
    Lot2Sifra logo design

  • ZemmbleM Productions
    ZemmbleM Productions

  • Lisa's Cupcake
    Lisa's Cupcake

  • Animation for christianlabib.com
    After effects animation for Christian Labib sound designer and music composer.

  • Dj Slowly Web Design
    Dj Slowly Web Design

  • Dj Slowly Logo
    Dj Slowly Logo

  • Jingle Planet Logo
    Jingle Planet Logo
  • OB – Complicaties
    OB – Complicaties

    I worked together with nixmedia on OB – Complicaties videoclip.

  • Erasmus by night
    Erasmus by night
  • Lits Typographic
    Lits Typographic
  • Mucho Dinero
    Mucho Dinero

  • Tunnel Of Light
    Tunnel Of Light
  • Jennifer Chömpff Photography Logo
    Jennifer Chömpff Photography Logo

  • Lightstream
  • Qsign - Banner Design
    Qsign - Banner Design
  • Anton Jimi Hendrix a 3 minutes Documentary
    Anton Jimi Hendrix

    I made this documentary for a school project. Anton a homeless man in Utrecht, the Netherlands tells his story on how he became homeless.

  • VJ'S and DJ'S Logo
    VJ'S and DJ'S Logo
  • Velazquez General Contractor Logo
    Velazquez General Contractor Logo
  • Roberto Velazquez
    Roberto Velazquez
  • VJ'S and DJ'S
    VJ'S and DJ'S Banner + Background
  • Gladys de Kort Logo
    Gladys de Kort Logo


  • Twitter

Roberto Velazquez

Multimedia Designer

I'm Roberto Velazquez, a 25 year old multimedia designer from the Netherlands.
I've been in the multimedia business for a few years now. I have experience from corporate design to video production.

In 2010 I graduated in multimedia design from Deltion College Zwolle,
The Netherlands. Currently I'm studying for my bachelor degree in communication and media design at HU university.

In 2009/2010 I worked as an intern on projects for, O'neill , Exact Software, Innovam, Albert Heijn, Gamer01 BNN/101TV, VJ's and DJ's BNN/101tv, Spuiten&Slikken backstage BNN/101TV, Scienceflash W24.



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